Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coast to Coast Painter/Artist on Seattle News

Brief History for those that don't know me. I moved to seattle in the summer of 99 from Media Pa, to explore, travel, and to experience life. I'm a painter by trade and have been doing it for almost 15yrs. I appreciate art, music, artists, and true craftsmanship. I started a company in Seattle 7 years ago Coast to Coast Painting Plus, and have seen many talented and not so talentd painters come and go. I've been really lucky to have met, lived with, and made new freinds with artists from all over and introduced to other artists. My latest connection is to a guy that called me for a job interview. I was like, I'm busy and have no time...he was persistant and said he knew a couple guys that worked with me and that he was an artist/sign painter and that he interned with I gave him a shot. He turned out to be a good guy with super artistic talent. Here he is working on a local mural with other artists after a long hard days work with my company still rockin' the Coast to Coast whites and tee. I thought this was super cool. Check out the mural and of course the "Coast To Coast Logo" on the local Seattle News!

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