Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Freedom Machine

So I just got back from a 1200 mi bike trip to upstate NY, along the Canadian border and back. I got to go with my old time friend Steve who I dont see enough of these days. Hes a fairly new rider with his 2010 triumph and i took the 58 tiger. Out of all the 1200 miles maybe 200 were spent on the interstate. If there was more than a half a mile of straight road id be lying. Here are a few pics for you all


About 60 miles from the Canadian border my 60's Jap dirt bike tank decided to get a 6 inch split on the inside if the tunnel. Gas was pissing out all over the place at 70mph. Got her stopped and managed to avoid the fireball that almost happened. Thought i was stuck. After about 20 min this dude stopped in his truck. It went something like this.
Randy: Dude is that a preunit?
Me: Uh..yeah
Randy: Whats it leaking gas, Ive got a triumph tank at home about an hour from here.
I was in disbelief, we made plans to meet the next day at his house and fab up the brackets to mount the sucker on my frame

Welding mounts
All mounted
Randys bike
After a bunch of shop talk and some beer we were on our way. Thanks Randy, one of the most solid strangers youll ever meet. If you ever upstate around glens falls contact me and Ill put you in touch.

When we got a little further up we did some of this
And this
And a bunch more riding and camping. On the way back we stopped at a distillary for some corn liquor. kept me nice for the rest of the trip. It was an awesome adventure and I cant wait till the next episode.
Kneezy Breezy

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Joey Leather said...

Awesome!! I'm leaving on my cross country trip in a few hours! email me & we'll ride!