Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My neighbor/president of the south philly van club invited me down to his annual van jam last friday at his place. There was all kind of busses the from the 50's and 60's. Normaly Im not into hippy shit but these guys take these super rare things out into the pine barrens and bead the crap out of them in the mud and sand. Takes balls to do that to something that there are only like 10 of them left in the world. Guys came from as far away as vermont.
Check out this little gem, looks like a perfect work truck to me!
1951 with safari windows, almost like getting in the breeze
Gibbs ultra rare 50 split window bug 1 of 3 left, all original. He bought this one in sweden out of a barn its almost never seen the light of day. Germany built tese things with parts left over from the 40's as part of the rebuilding after the war. Most of the motor parts were built by jewish slave labor machinists. They stamped little stars of david as last little acts of defiance or" KRAFT DURCH FREUDE " or strength through joy. check the link

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