Sunday, August 8, 2010

Straight 70's shit

SO I stopped down to the shop next door, (Fluffy Baby Kitten Heads) to ours the other day and there is this on the lift. Vin told me it was the guy Stan's from down the street. Ive met this guy a few times, hes in a wheelchair now from a stroke. Stan built this thing in like 66-67 when he rode for a local "club". Stan went away for a few years and covered the whole thing in a thick layer of vasoline. Looks like it was put together yesterday chrome is perfect. Fired right up with about 20 min work.This bike is oozing with style check out the drilled and pinned chain. Not pictured is the original corbin king/queen seat in white with the inspected by Lynn sticker still on it. If any of you are interested its for sale contact me