Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast Club

In 1963, General Mills vice president John Holahan inventively discovered that Circus Peanuts shavings yielded a tasty enhancement to his breakfast cereal. General Mills formalized the innovation and created Lucky Charms, the first breakfast cereal to contain marshmallow bits (or "marbits").

Cereal killers Kellogs, General Mills, Post, Quaker and Ralston were the main brand cereal makers when i was growing up. Ralston was definitely killing it with the gimmicky cereals in the 80's. The more sugar the better to me. I wanted marshmallows and bright colors. Whatever cereal that at the end would make my milk in the bowl taste chocolatey, strawberryish fruitiness. Heres my top 25 cereals that have come and gone but will not be forgotten. I think I actually have a couple of empty C3PO's because of the cut out  Star Wars masks it had on the back.

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