Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's mostly the voice that gets you up...

Well G couldn't have said it better than what he posted about GURIZZY earlier, but I owe a post to a guy that spent many nights in cars hanging out with my friends and I. No, I was not friends with Guru, but he was there with primo on the drums playing the soundtrack for the golden years of our adolescent youth. I figured I would ask my friend Marty to write this post instead of myself, because he was the oldest of our group of friends and he had A car before all of us, so as we began to venture out of the neighborhood as teens looking to test the night Marty was usually driving and since it was his car he chose what we were going to listen to. One thing was for certain when you got in Mart's 79' nova You were going to be listening to some type of obscure NYHC or Gangstarr, and more specifically Hard to Earn.
"Ironically this morning I was practicing A little HARD TO EARN a living while at work, when my best friend sent me text telling me GURU did indeed die. After investing about an hour in thought thinking about how the Starr' had effected my life, I started to lose momentum in my work ethic. HARD TO EARN was my crew's PAID IN FULL. I couldn't and wouldn't begin to share with you the stuff my friends and I got into in this era, and Guru's voice narrated a soundtrack for our stories and tales, and that Soundtrack had hard hitting beats with a Jazzy smooth yet raspy monotone street poet telling tales of life and death. Only my closest friends know the impact that the album had on us, it was a coming of age time in our lives,spending from the time you got up in the morning to the time you went to sleep at night hanging with as many local kids we could round up and getting in to whatever came our way, the good the bad the ugly. I will always wonder if any one else ever had as much fun as we did with that album playing in the backround. Well, it wasn't always fun hardships were shared with A good life lesson from the teacher Guru sharing street smarts and struggle with knowledge of self and respect. I can say this, today Guru's death or better yet his life made me value my friends no matter what, thick and thin we all make our mistakes but we learn and push on."...Marty

I was there....

Take a few and listen to these songs...be kind please rewind me to the 9deeez!

Rest in peace Guru, the best that ever did it on Primo track!