Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Those About To Rock

Being from the Bay Area, when I think of Djing you would think Im going to talk about the Invisible Scratch Pickles. Yeah the Pickles definitely contributed alot to turntablism. Well what about The Beat Junkies? theyre from Cali..nah Im not even thinking about Grand Wizard Theodore the Inventor of the scratch, but the sun definitely rises in the east and it aint Primo. Most of the dopest DJ's in the late 80's in my mind were coming straight outta Philly. DJ's Tat Money, Cash Money, and Jazzy Jeff contributed and created alot of known scratches today. Not only being the first inductee into the DJ Hall of Fame, After winning the DMC World DJ Championships in 1988 Cash Money was banned from ever competing again in order to allow other competitors a chance at the title.

DJ Tat Money

DJ Cash Money

DJ Jazzy Jeff

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