Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wannabes On Their Knees Licking Crazy Butt

Now I've been thinking over the last 24 hours what to say about Gang Starr and what they really meant to me and my friends growing up. It's all the same with G and Viva, all good memories, valued memories, and time spent growing up! The main thing to take away from GS was originality that they came with. Look at the acts they put down: Jeru, Group Home, Afu-Ra, MOP, brought Freddie Foxxx back to life, they made the music people wanted to get with. Whether it was driving in a car going to Playdrome pumping the new Moment of Truth CD, or sitting in Justin's kitchen rocking Hard to Earn over and over while trying to learn proper tall hands with AKS and Alaska or any other dude that might have stopped by. It's 16 years ago and I still remember the background music to those days. I'm just glad I had the opportunity to see them play live on stage as the headliners of the show. It was the Limelight in NYC where I saw one of the wildest shows one I will mos def never forget. It was middle of summer and most people who have been to a church style show know how hot it can be, well times that by 2! Dudes were rockin' no shirts and just some shorts and timbo's. Super NY steez...haha. But Afu, MOP, Heather B, Nice n Smooth, Evil D was the DJ between sets, Beatnuts showed up and played, and to top off the night GURU and Primo just straight killed it. It was right after L was killed so it had to be the summer of 99. Just thinking of that show makes me feel good! Nothing more or less. I was there to see a document in history that can never happen again with those same people. Crazy shit.

Thanks to you Guru for my making my ears feel relaxed when shit was always at the wildest.

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