Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barn in the USA....

Pick up the phone and call PETA because I am about to beat a dead horse, If you tune in then your well inept of my passion for America and all it's hidden beauty. Everyday life and all the things that make up a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade and so on usually confine us to our local surroundings in which we are immune to noticing the scenery. Well, when my work week comes to an end, I tend to head out of that local radius and seek out inspiration, relaxation and what I like to call treasures in America's backdrop. In my travels there has always been a magnetic draw to barns that sit amongst the greenest of grass and the bluest of skies. My mom grew up on a farm in Nottingham, Pa. and when I was young we would drive out and look at the old farm were she grew up, she would tell me all about their little life out there. One of the other early memories I have of barns is a pretty cool storybook-esque memory. My best friend growing up Ronnie Borsuk lived in Chester, Pa. those that know anything about Chester know that it is Cutty like Mr Ranks. Well, as life came to be it was time for his family to move out of the neighborhood, they weren't just relocating to the next town over they were heading 3 hours away to Carlisle, Pa. I was heartbroken my best friend practically my brother was moving away and I couldn't ride my bike to his house anymore. He moved away and we stayed in touch and I would bust his balls about becoming a hick and a hillbilly and what not, so I finally made the trek with my uncle to go visit him and his family, my uncles were close friends with his folks so we headed out in my uncles 65' shoebox nova to the country for a visit. It was a new world for me, we went out that next morning exploring, and exploring is exactly what we did, I felt like Chris Columbus when he found America, walking and hiking for miles through corn fields, woods, creeks etc. Well, we stumbled upon this huge old barn in the middle of nowhere. It had been abandoned and was really creepy we walked around inside with fear of the unknown, I was always kind of a scaredy cat about that type of stuff anyway. Anyway we are creeping around this dark barn with creeky floors and doors, and a bird flies out of a nook and I take off running. Ronnie yells "its cool its cool get back here", so I come back and we look around a little more throwing rocks through the glass windows and carrying on being kids when out of nowhere we think we spot someone and we take off running like crazy. Never knew if someone was there or not but I probably scared him and we both weren't sticking around to meet Mr.? or be a part of some Brother, where art thou stuff! So, to top off my weekend in the country, later that weekend his older sister and him had some of their newly made friends over and I'm not gonna say much, but I will say that bottles were spinning and I had made out with a girl for the first time in my life and it was in a barn on the second floor and we were definitely sitting on hay!!! LOL If your bored with my story then disregard and move on with these pics of barn ads and signs from America's rural towns.

My dream barn house.

Mail Pouch original wall dogs around 1925

Legendary Harley Warrick the man behind the Mail pouch mystique.

Pennsy and Ohio play a big part in Barn life and Mail pouch barn ads...Here's to OHIO!

Viva Americana...

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