Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer Luxury: Bad Meaning Good!

Ok Ok Ok, I know spring just got here and shit, but Im getting into the summer mood. I've been thinking about the beach and other fun summer things, but pretty much just the beach. So here is some summer inspiration for you's...And the post below just made my day! SO BAD!Get them Yuketen's from Japan's...
Summer stoop hang out with chicks from Barcelona? It could happen, NO?
OCNJ all day
Summer Sky don't die!
A stroll through the history of us!!
Catch a winner!
Walkin' on a tight rope! Summer playin' hooky from work!
McQueen, nah mean? Just an ill dude. LEGEND
OCNJ at 4am
MR DOD and man that goes by a certain borough in NY's name....Beach wiffle ball 2009
Broken boards at the end of the island!
Iceland in the summer is warm and pleasant? Right?

I can't stop listening to this....damn


jenibender said...

i've been listening to brian jonestown non stop too. let's pretend it's summer, would go great with this post!

Know Your Legends said...

im in!!