Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Original Screen Print Supply Shop

Whats GOOD LUCKsery World,
The Screen Print Supply Shop, at Berks and Palethorp Streets, a few blocks from the Berks El Stop is the OG Screen Print Supply Shop of Philadelphia, opening in 1945. The shop has been family owned since the day of opening, now ran by the orignal owners son and grandson. The past few weeks I been wanting to head over there and take photos of all the original hand painted signs they have throughout. Ive been in there a bunch of times with screenprinter Ralph Awesome and Eddie Kes. The signs, about 40 of them that grace the walls were painted by the original owner back in the 50s and 60s. They are perfect and true, and since the first time I went in there over 5 years ago, I've thought about them from time to time.

Today I finally decided to head over, camera in hand, to flick all the great hand-painted signs. But, boy was I in for a suprise. I walk in, introduce myself, and ask him if I can photograph the signs to put them up on my blog, going on about how I love them and so on. The man, behind the counter, who is the sign painter's son replies with a quick "No, kid. Sorry." Me, probably looking like I just lost my puppy asks why? He says, "A few years ago, I let some guy take photos of them, and he copied all of them to sell on the internet. Which made me take him to court, Ah, what a headache." I reply with "well, that is not my intent at all. I truly admire the whole sign painting movement and am just looking to document what still is alive. Again, the man quickly replies," No pictures. Sorry kid." The guy seeming like he was a dick, was actually pretty cool and showed me a bunch of signs that were not hanging and a few paintings his father did as well. He sure was proud of his Pop.

All in all, I got to see the signs again with my own eyes, and I have a photographic memory, so if that man thinks he got off easy. Boy, is he in for some sign hi-jacking. Ha. Just kidding. I really have the memory of an 80 year old. Luckily, the exterior of the building still has some pretty cool living signs that I took photos of to post.If you have the time, I definetly suggest to head on over to 179 W. Berks, right at Palethorp and check out the signs for yourself. Theyre awesome.

PS. I think the whole court thing was bs, he is just afraid of someone stealing them.

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jinxed said...

They are the real deal. Ask the kid about Lynyrd Skynyrd if you have a couple of extra hours...