Friday, March 26, 2010

a little slice of americana (aka whats more american than a tourist trap)...

I know my boy VIVA LUXURY loves his americana, i also know that he may love hand painted signs even more. So Im gonna make this small post for him... im in the middle of a cross country drive from philadelphia to phoenix, for what else... Wrestlemania weekend (get your mind out of the gutter, i know what you assumed "Mr. small package" to imply) This is but one little town we stopped thru, it is located directly next to the petrified wood national forest (which was insane and is another whole blog post altogether that i will do later this week) Ladies and gentleman, i give you HOLBROOK AZ:

Dinosaur jr's:
i dug these old fashioned gas pumps:
big bad wolf was in full effect:
they had all the prehistoric periods covered:
i did:
They're prices were innnnnsane:

And last but certainly not least, yes... that is correct... your eyes do not deceive you, that is a wigwam motel:

This town basically survives off of stealing fossils, rocks and petrified wood out of the national park and peddling it to the tourists... mind you, the park services will give you a piece of petrified wood for free at the museum in the park. Its only a federal offense to steal protected items from federally protected lands... good for you holbrook, FIGHT THE POWER (rolleyes)

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Viva Luxury. said...

Did you kill it with that post....Viva americana!