Monday, March 29, 2010

Mixtape Monday...

... I recently embarked on a tour across the United States, though I lost count at how many times I have done that, I could never say I am not completely grateful and in all honesty, insanely lucky. The thing that was different about this tour compared to others is the van we used had no way of playing an Ipod (first world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless, considering we had a couple long drives in there). Also, none of us brought CD's or tapes, because well, when was the last time you were even in that situation that you needed to bring a tape or CD somewhere?

For our first show we asked the promoter if he could pick us up some blank CD's at staples and bring them to the show. Our plan was to just make mixed CD's and that would be all we would listen to on the trip. It proved to be very insightful in regards to who each member in my band is. At least I think so.

So my reason for posting this you ask? Well here is a little thing for you to download, listen to, whatever, just something to pass the time, until the next time...

Bad Luxury Mix.

1.) The Cribs-Cheat On Me.
2.) Ian Brown- Gettin' High.
3.) Wire-Ex Lion Tamer.
4.) XX-Infinity.
5.) The Vaselines- Son Of A Gun.
6.) Low-Monkey.
7.) Magnetic Fields-No One Will Ever Love You.
8.) Notwist-Pick Up The Phone.
9.) Psychedelic Furs- Pretty In Pink.
10.) Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Death To Everyone.
11.) Rome- Der Brandtaucher.
12.) Smog-Left Only With Love.

Also, here is a little something for the fans of the "Fitti", just something from my collection, No big deal...

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Viva Luxury. said...

I'm waiting for those plaid pants to make their way back to the hood they are way funkmatical!