Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Japan Is So Fresh

First, because they have dudes like this to look up to!!And second is because the Men's magazine culture is light years ahead of ours. I'm not sure if you have ever seen a Free & Easy or a Lightning mag, but if you have you will see where I'm coming from. My first put down with Japanese fashion/street/motor magazines started when my neighbors had a foreign exchange student from Japan stay with them for a year. It was funny because he went to class at Little Flower, that's good money for a dude right? Especially for a foreign one, all those fresh Kenzo/Bridesburg/FKD/NEP babes....haha. Anyway I believe his name was Tadatsu and he was like a year older then me, but his style was so way ahead of anything. He was into skating, but never really did it. So the little English he spoke, was always about the skate scene. One day he flowed me all these crazy Japanese mags, he just brought them over my house and that was it. It was 1992 and the magazines he brought over were called Fine Boys. They were pushing the Cali Skate look and the Seattle Grunge scenes super hard, but in fine Japanese fashion, they had to go way overboard. It was cool seeing what the other side of the planet were into. I just lived in the bubble of Philly and the rare occasion going to NY. The cool thing about the mags were the layouts. Now don't get me wrong, there was insane amounts of advertising in there, but not as crazy cheesy as the US magazines. Every layout had the gear and other products to go with it, where to buy it, and how much it cost. It's insane how much quality they cram into 100 pages a month. All quality, all of the time!! So if your ever in the periodical section of a good book store and see a Free & Easy, pick it up and check it out. They are expensive, sometimes running $20+, but remember to read like we read the Daily News Sports, from back to front.

Some relaxing Sunday tunes for youssss!!

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