Monday, March 29, 2010

Rick Moranis ain't the baddest...

But he did star in the movie HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, and this artist I would like to introduce to you creates art that makes you feel as if you are an extra in that movie. If go big or go home were words to live by Claes Oldenburg would most certainly never be home. In my teens I started hanging downtown Philadelphia, mostly at LOVE park and south st. and one of the first pieces of art that I noticed besides the LOVE sculpture was this great big clothespin in the middle of the city. It is directly across from city hall and centrally located in a hub of commerce and commute. Last weekend I was at an auction that I frequent and just happened to pick up a book about Mr. Oldenburg, and come to find out he was the mysterious man behind that infamously huge clothespin. The interest didn't stop there, as the pages were flipped I was enamored by all of his other works. He has installed these huge sculptures publicly around the world. Another aspect that I thought was neat was his soft sculptures in which he took everyday objects and recreated them to look like blow up toys to take to the beach. Heres a few more wordings and pics to familiarize you! Many of Oldenburg's giant sculptures of mundane objects elicited public ridicule before being embraced as whimsical, insightful, and fun additions to public outdoor art. In the 1960s he became associated with the Pop Art movement and attended many so-called happenings, which were performance art related productions of that time. The name he gave to his own productions was "Ray Gun Theatre". His first wife -(1960–1970) Pat Muschinski who sewed many of his early soft sculptures, was a constant performer in his happenings. This brash, often humorous approach to art, was at great odds with the prevailing sensibility that, by its nature, art dealt with "profound" expressions or ideas. But Oldenburg's spirited art found first a niche then a great popularity that endures to this day.

Rilo Kiley-The execution of all things
Phyllis Dillon- Love is all I had
Broken Bells-Broken Bells

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