Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Badluxuristics,
With my show in the near future, I've been messing around with poster designs to get screen printed by Awesome Dudes. I've scrapped about 10 designs, and been getting rather frustrated with getting a design together. Even taking my sketchbook to bed, bothering wifey trying to count sheep. My frustrated self decided to check the net and see whats goin on in the poster world. Take in a little inspiration or what have you. Suprislingly, I was rather psyched on the fact that theyre are still alot of great artists out there taking the time to print a quality poster. Unfortunatley, I have only done one screen printed show poster for the 1st This Is Hardcore Fest, I really would like to do more, once I get this show together. I also feel as if screen printed show posters are gonna fade, just as hand made signs have seen their day. And that is a true bummer.

Technology is great for manya things, but in the art world quantity or quality sometimes rules, and a ton of things are ran by that almighty dollar. The computer being able to print 1000 posters in a few minutes is much cheaper than your local printer burning screens and pulling away, one layer ata time. It really bothers me that the Americans of today are so impatient and want want want, now now now. The slow and low life of the past seems great amd much more fitting for me, everything was so much more appreciated and not many things were taken for granted. Ah, the good life.

Here are some posters that I grabbed off of that really caught my eye, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER:: I did not do any of them, and do not feel like taking the time to give proper credit. Therefore, suck it up, I like your posters and wanted others to see them. Bottom line.

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