Wednesday, March 10, 2010

picture page...picture page....

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so..."

Bathroom fitti...Peace seeker.

Im a sucker for old traditions, without carrying on these traditions what will be left for our,ipods,and facebook:(

Ol' timers...the chicken taste like wood and so did the boxcars...

The future in the past... we still use words like that?

This is what happens when the chief chimp gets drunky on brass monkey...goin banannas on susquehanna!

Collegiate class.

Hot rod....related to hot dog...

Print from Eric Eaton gallery, it was an insane installation, I didn't get good pics but look it up online it was radical.

Fitti' for sale! Just another excuse to use the word graffiti, I suppose in this day in age it's cool to fitti' but 10 years ago that product would have been called design your own shirt. Fitti' done sold out on us, im going to have to give him a ring and see if he is giving back to the community!

Snow in the city...related to sex in the city, down south they call that baby making weather!

Whistle while I work and sometimes I capture the things that I see too....

octopuss painting with real gold leaf coins, this was part of a show at jinxed?toothless cat gallery due check them out!

If Daisy Duke drove her jeep 100 mph head on into the general lee and the general lee was traveling 86.5 mph and arrived at 9:45am at what time would the jeep left? Related to all those math equations that melted my mind in grade school!

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