Saturday, March 27, 2010

Like DMYZ used to say "I got Roman hands and Russian fingers."

TATurday from the belly of the beast in Russia...

Jail Poetry by Tragedy...

Yo I can't live
I got hit with double life bid
From the stress, my head throbbin like a tumor
its 1 o'clock niggas are lock I catch shuma
lay down my towel slide off my suede pumas
the rumors spread around the jail like that
been down for 6 joints holdin down this flat
Latin Kings do they things, ice pick for gats
tryin to lay my GODbody cats all on they back,
but never that....
This post isn't to try an glamorize prison or it's cutlure, however jails do play a role in our worlds landscape and I once heard a man speak about Jail and prison life, he called it the belly of the beast, and I was sold by his conviction that it is a living Hell, and no place I would want to spend my life, He also spoke these words "Jail is the only time you are counted 5 times a day and at the end of the day you still amount to nothing" It is easy to make mistakes in life that could lead you to prison, I've made plenty. I grew up visiting my father in jail, and my uncles in and out of jail throughout their lives, it is a horrible place to be just visiting hearing that solid steel door slam behind. If anything, please take note from this post in the fact that it's easy to make mistakes that land us in jail, but it is not so easy to serve that time for those mistakes... True story, I was in the talons of the criminal justice system for my actions recently and it finally was enough after 32 years on this planet for me to make positive change in my personal life and condition myself each and every day so I don't ever have to look at the potential of a stay in the "belly of the beast."
Thank you my friends for lending me your ears!

Bad news Johnny Mulah

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