Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wit The Crown, Naturally

A little Philadelphia handstyle history lesson from Illadelphia's own eNeM from a clip taken from the film Infamy. Which can be watched in pieces on U. Tube. I remember when I was about 10 or 11, I was going to a Temple bball game on a Sunday afternoon, my boys Aunt worked at Temple and always took us to games, it was dope. But my most memorable Sunday afternoon was in about 1996 or 97. Enem and dudes like Snow, Ces, TKid, Yes2, and a few others were rocking the wall at 5 and Cecil B.. I was mesmerized. I only saw pieces like that in magazines, and now the dudes were drawing in my blackbook. I never imagined anything was possible. I look at my stepson, who is 9, and I cant believe that when I was roughly his age all I wanted to do was scribble in copybooks and listen to the Beastie Boys, Wu Tang, and Rakim. My older cousin Jeffro always made me real cool mixtapes. They were the soundtrack to my youth.

On a side note, its pretty funny the dudes you looked up to and admired when you were a kid and then when you grow older and wind up meeting them, its a pretty funny thing. Some of them are crackheads, dopers, stock brokers. The world is round, and so is life as I know it.

This clip also features a type from one of Bad Luxury's own. Enjoy.

5 more days til first pitch. Lets go Phils.

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