Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fightins

Bad Luxworld,
Whats up? The Fightin Phils are creeping up on us and are only a week and a half away, its gonna be a great summer of baseball.I couldnt be more psyched. I say we do a Bad Luxury Phillies Outing, Yo Alex, get on puttin that together. On another note,Ive been working like a maniac putting together pieces for my first solo show coming up on April 16th at Exit Philaelphia:825 N. 2nd St. in No. Libs. I will be showing a collection of 40+ brand new pieces, I turned a new leaf and am trying to go in a different direction then the old face project I did a few years ago.I feel my work is much more mature and I couldnt be happier. Please make note of that Friday night in a few weeks and try and stop out. There will be free booze, and I'm working on getting some Primo Hoagie Trays donated. Stay tuned for 2 screen printed flyers I will be having printed in the next week too, I have a feeling theyre gonna come out great. The dudes at Awesome Dudes Print Shop do some A+ work. Also, while your hangin ten on the net, check out my blog at

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