Monday, March 15, 2010

Long Time Reader, First Time Poster...

Hello blog, bring me in with the fader...... I have collected thousands of photos through my life, all stacked neatly in crates inside my closet. They have been with me through everything. From apartment to apartment, house to house, they remain my quiet external memory, sitting obediently still, but every so often screaming out to be examined. And they get what they ask for. From the sneakily shot photos of ex loves where I swore the camera wasn't on, to the grimiest of tunnels where only kings have roamed, to the moments and places I was so afraid I'd forget I ritualistically documented every step. Once my work was done I would excitedly rush to the developer and put them in for printing. A week later, voila, history you can hold. I have traveled the world, read hundreds of books, watched hundreds of films, listened to thousands of records. I even tried college (which was hell, the number of unexplored subway and trolley lines outweighed my drive to be the writer I was suppose to be, sorry mom). None of those things can compare to what sits inside 2 milk crates I stole form All J's deli when I was 13 years old. Native American superstition believed that the taking of a photo captured part of the soul. If that is the case, than my crates rival Pete Rocks, you only need to dig to Overstand. The point of this post, my camera died the other day, going out like a true trooper after years of service. Goodbye old friend. I guess its time to go digital. I currently do not have a scanner, so what you are left with... Memories. My memories. But you can hold them for a little bit.

My friends and I. A very funny photo on a very funny day. West Philadelphia.

The Grand Canyon. Not to be outdone by my Jordan III's.

Daniel Johnston painting in Austin, Texas.

The Fremont Troll Bridge, Seattle, Washington.

This picture explains 1000 words. This quote sums it up.

"It's like God gave you something, man, all those stories you can make up. And He said, "This is what we got for ya, kid. Try not to lose it." Kids lose everything unless there's someone there to look out for them."-Chris Chambers, Stand By Me.

And last but certainly not least. The Original Bad Lux-ury...
(With color commentary by Good Time Charlie.)

Not to be confused with Bad Looksury...


jenibender said...

george, do you not want to go digital? i have a few extra cameras... glad you're posting here!

Anonymous said...

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