Monday, March 1, 2010

Railroad Art, At Its Best

Hello Friends...

Ive been in many of frieght yards in my day and my favorite things to see were not big burners and throwups but clever little mean streak messages and doodles.Its always cool to think of who the person is behind the meansteak or paintstick doing these.The person responsible varies from your 14 year old snot nosed kiddo trying to catch a tag, a 65 year old train conducter passing time in the yard, a shit faced hobo marking his place in time while hopping frieghts for a free ride to his next destination, or an artist whether being into graffitti or not, just experimenting in a different place.

The thought of your message and drawing riding from north to south or can be seen coast to coast is such a cool concept. The hobo legends such as Bozo Texino, Colossus of Roads, Coal Train,Herby,Conrail Twitty, and many others are known to have marked hundreads of thousands of frieghts.

A man named Bill Daniels, who seems to be infatuated with the whole scene has released a great documentary on the mysterious Bozo Texino, entitled "Who is Bozo Texino". The film is such a great piece of film on such a interesting part of life. He also has put together a book on the movement called Mostly True. I fortunatly own both and suggest you do too. You can check them out at --Below are photos of various frieght art I found interesting and have saved to my computer over time,the only ones credited are those who watermarker their photos.

Writing this post is definetly giving me the itch to head to a yard, whata ya say about a Sunday Morning Streak Trip to the Frieght Yard. haha. Drop me an E-Mail if interested.

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Anonymous said...

I took that photo of Bozo Texino.

Use it all you want. Good scan on Wikipedia.