Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reggae music is the heartbeat of Jamiaca...

Lee "Scratch" Perry the upsetter is one of the early doctors that kept the reggae heartbeat beating, and really for all intents and purpose took Jamaican music in A new direction. The path that Lee Perry took reggae is monumental in history and even in present day music worldwide, the science can be found. Not only did he bring Bob Marley to the forefront, he also produced some of the greatest reggae tunes, and artist of all time. His most notable self accomplishment would have to be the creation of DUB music. He ran with the DUB sound and took it to all corners of the world mixing and matching, experimenting and recording with various artist to try and push the sound as far as he could, to transcend the washed out moody sound to new dimensions and higher heights through collaboration and persistence. His look and style stands out in a crowd as well, his free spirit, exotic fashion, and strong opinion, can cause for alarm, but I think it is all in good intention, and harmless. He has recorded with the likes of Bob Marley, Max Romeo, The beastie Boys, Andrew Wk, Moby, inspired Strummer and the clash and many other bands to suit. There is quite a bit of controversy that accompany his legacy as well. The clash with the THE CLASH, He also had numerous falling outs with fellow artists such as Bob Marley claiming he wrote many of Bob's songs and was never recognized for it, producers, business partners, and record company execs accusing them of stealing from him and not paying royalties. Today Perry is living in Switzerland still creating music at the age of 74 touring and performing live, he has a little bit of A bitter taste for reggae music and culture, still holding a grudge over the lack of pay that he was given from the reggae industry for the work that he created that went on to sell millions, i'm sure it can be debated by both parties but none the less thats his accusation. In lieu of that he produces, and records just about every other style of music but reggae, maybe it's a spite thing, I don't know ,but the music he makes is declared as "space out" music to heal the brain, so if your feeling down and not so good, tune in to Lee Perry the Psychiatrist and let his music heal the soul. Lee "scratch" Perry is way more interesting than this intro paragraph and it really just scratches the surface on his life, so if you find him or his music interesting do some research and buy a few albums, im sure you will not be let down. If i were to produce A BAD LUX album today I would have Lee perry and Afrika Bambaata on the same track and just let them go wild. Its ok to dream isn't it?
Take it easy!!!

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